MayaStar Downloads

On this page you will find different files to download.
Some files require you to purchase MayaStar from the SL Marketplace.
Certain files require a password.

MayaStar 6.0 Program Files:

MayaStar 6.0 is a new version of MayaStar not an update.  If you have purchased MayaStar in the past or received it as a gift from the Marketplace you are eligible to upgrade to MayaStar 6.0 for 50% off the current price of MayaStar 6.0.

To upgrade to MayaStar 6.0 rez the “Update Checker MayaStar” object that is in your MayaStar folder in your inventory on the ground.  You will receive a MayaStar 5.2 box which will contain a gift card valuing 50% of the price.  You must purchase your upgrade in world at my store.  You can not upgrade from the Marketplace.

MayaStar 5.21 Archive Program Files:

Mac MayaStar userSetup.mel I accidentally left out you can download it here.  If you purchased MayaStar 5.2 before 10/2/2017.

MayaFit File:

BVH Exporters:

Beta Test File for Pilgway Team