How To Determine Which Version of Genie Voice Command to Purchase?

There are two versions of Genie Voice Command 5300 (GVC-5300) and Genie Voice Command 1600 (GVC-1600). Genie Voice Command 5300 (GVC-5300) responds to over 5,300 commands.  Genie Voice Command 1600 (GVC-1600) responds to just over 1600 commands and thus is less expensive.  If you purchase GVC-1600 and then later decide to purchase GVC-5300 at a later date you can get the purchase price of your GVC-1600 taken off the price of the GVC-5300.

Each copy of Genie Voice Command (GVC) works on one version or year of Maya but works on both Maya and Maya LT.  You must determine which year or version of Maya you currently are using.  Easiest way of determining this is to simply open up your version of Maya on your computer and in the upper left hand corner you will see something like “Autodesk Maya 2014 x64”.    In this case I have Maya 2014.  Therefore I would order Maya 2014.  If I had Maya LT 2014 I would still order Genie Voice Command for Maya 2014.

On the order page you can buy a single copy of Genie Voice Command 5300 (GVC-5300) or you may buy two copies.  The first copy will cost $100 USD and the second copy will cost $50 USD for a total of $150 USD.  If you are purchasing Genie Voice Command 1600 (GVC-1600) each copy will cost $50.  As stated earlier if at a later date you decide to purchase Genie Voice Command 5300 (GVC-5300) after buying GVC-1600 you would be able to purchase it for just $50.

In the checkout process you must fill out the email address you wish to receive the zip file at that will contain your copy or copies of Genie Voice Command.  It may take several hours for your order to be filled.

Genie Voice Command 5300


Genie Voice Command 1600

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