Video of Instructions and Rules if you need more clarification: YouTube

To enter our contest send a notecard to Cathy Foil titled “CONTEST – ( Your Name & Current Date ). Below are the requirements and rules.


  1. You can not announce or post to anyone or your groups that you are in the contest. If you do you will be disqualified and removed. Why? In order to give every designer a fair chance at winning. This is not a popularity contest. We want people to vote for their favorite design in each category not for their favorite designer. Designers who have large SL groups or popular blogs would have an unfair advantage over lesser known designer or designers just starting out. You must not confirm or hint in anyway if someone asks you if a particular entry is yours or if you are in the contest at all.
  2. Winners can not enter same category in the next contest they won in last time. They can enter in any or all other categories they didn’t win in the last contest. Why? Many designers have an easily recognizable style. Those very well known designers many of their fans will vote for them and even though they have followed first rule. They can’t control their fans who are voting for them simply because they are their favorite designer. This means that if a well known designer wins the next contest other designers who are lesser known will have a more fair chance to win.
  3. You can re-enter your item again if it didn’t win though you must make some sort of visible change to it even if it is only changing the color.
  4. Designs must be original and not made from Full Perm items.
  5. Designs can be made out of rigged mesh, scultpies, prims or system clothes.
  6. No logos or identifiable markings on clothes or in backgrounds of photo submitted of item.
  7. You must have an in world store.
  8. Winners agree to place MayaStar Avatar Vendors as well a special vendor that is used to give out winning item for free to MayaStar Avatar Members and is also used to sell item to non members. (NOTE: Winner decides on price of item and gets 100% of the sales of that item.)


  1. Notcard titled “CONTEST – ( Your Name & Current Date ) full perm.
  2. Your Name
  3. Inside notecard include a photo/texture of your each of your entries 435 by 185 pixels full perm. (NOTE: Resample your photo to 512 by 512 and upload it to Second Life. I will resize it back down to 435 by 185 to add it to the HUD.)
  4. SLurl and Landmark to your in world store. (NOTE: This should be the exact location where you plan to display the vendors if you win.)
  5. Indicate the category you like each item to be entered in. You can use one notecard to enter more than one item but only one item per category.


If you like to get your event in the MayaStar Avatar’s HUD simply send Cathy Foil a notecard titled EVENT – (Your Name & Date). In the notecard write the event’s name, date, time, location and theme of the event. Be sure to send the notecard several weeks before the event.

There is only one rule and that the event must have something to do with the MayaStar Avatar. Examples: Fashion Show with all models wearing the MayaStar avatars. Scavenger Hunt were the items can be used by or designed specifically for the MayaStar avatars.


Video if you need more clarification: YouTube

If you want to get your item into the freebie section of the HUD send a notecard to Cathy Foil titled “FREEBIE – ( Your Name & Current Date )”. Below are the requirements.

  1. Your Name
  2. Full Perm photo of freebie in the notecard that is 216 pixels wide by 153 pixels tall. (NOTE: Resample your photo to 512 by 512 and upload it to Second Life. I will resize it back down to 216 by 153 to add it to the HUD.)
  3. location of freebie.
  4. Indicate if freebie is for MayaStar Avatar Members only or for Everyone.

Freebies for MayaStar Avatar Members will stay active in HUD for 4 weeks. Freebies for Everyone will stay active in the HUD for 2 weeks. There will be 2 Freebies for MayaStar Avatar Members for ever 1 of freebies for Everyone. This insures a nice turn over of new freebies while rewarding content creators who decide to make freebies for MayaStar Avatar Members.