MayaStar Downloads

On this page you will find different files to download.
Some files require you to purchase MayaStar from the SL Marketplace.
Certain files require a password.

MayaStar 6.1 Program Files:

MayaStar 6 is a new version of MayaStar not an update.  If you have purchased MayaStar in the past or received it as a gift from the Marketplace you are eligible to upgrade to MayaStar 6 for 50% off the current price of MayaStar 6.

To upgrade to MayaStar 6 rez the “Update Checker MayaStar” object that is in your MayaStar folder in your inventory on the ground.  You will receive a MayaStar 5.2 box which will contain a gift card valuing 50% of the price.  You must purchase your upgrade in world at my store.  You can not upgrade from the Marketplace.

MayaStar 5.21 Archive Program Files:

Mac MayaStar userSetup.mel I accidentally left out you can download it here.  If you purchased MayaStar 5.2 before 10/2/2017.

MayaFit File:

BVH Exporters: